Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:  Do I have to pay for utilities?

A: No, all utilities, internet, and cable come with the apartment with one exception.  Two-bedroom apartments are responsible for electricity with MGE because they are metered.


Q:  Since two-bedroom apartments pay for electricity, is your heat electric?

A: No, the heat is provided by our boiler system. 


 Q:  Do your units come fully furnished? 

A: Yes, all apartments come fully furnished, unless otherwise agreed upon. 


Q: Does the price change for having a roommate, 2 roommates, 3 roommates?

A: Yes, there is a slight increase in pricing if you have roommates due to wear and tear and utility costs.


Q:  Can I do an in-person tour?

A: Due to Covid, we are sending pictures of units and are happy to do a video tour with you.  Once you fill out an application, we can schedule an in-person tour.


Q:  When do I owe security deposit and first month’s rent?

A: Your security deposit is due when you sign your lease, and your first month’s rent is due before we can give you your keys to the apartment. 


Q: How much do your apartments cost?

A: The range in price that you see on our website ( is quite accurate to our pricing.  Let us know your budget and we can talk through all the options!


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